Corporate Profile

Starforest Plywood is located at Nan Xun district, Hu Zhou city, Zhejiang province, P.R.China.
Which is called the capital of wood flooring in China,
As a diversified large group, it is engaged in home decoration, flooring manufacturing, hotels and financial investment,
with 7 independent branches and 3 holding subsidiaries.
Exclusive brand:  STARFOREST
1、Investment more than tens of millions USD into 3 modern technology factories ,covering 200 thousand m².
2、A leading test laboratory and professional research center.
3、A red rubber procurement base established at Pennsylvania , USA. large-scale production bases under construction located at Libreville, Malangba of
     Gabon Republic and Lubumbashi ,Congo (gold) of Africa.
4、Procurement bases of fast growing forest ,set up at Guang xi and Jiang su provinces.
5、Starforest building materials distribution and logistics center.
6、Starforest home culture and creative park.

Brand concept

The most authentic beauty
It is not naked and unembellished.
We advocate harmony between man and nature.
We advocate the combination of real material and aesthetic feeling.
1、Material authenticity:
Rely on the company's overseas resources, global procurement of high quality tree species.
2、The reality of technology:
(1)“well field” base material structure, crisscrobing, scientific collocation, ensure that the floor is durable and not deformed.
(2)adopt the international high quality super toughness primer, keep the hardness and wear resistance of the floor strong,
    and prevent from the fading and cracking.
(3)the imported moisture-proof balance layer, the full effect enhances the static curve of the floor, reduces the probability of floor deformation,
    and keeps the floor flatness better.
(4) starforest lock technology to improve floor stability and service life.
3、Reality of wood environment:
Using the nine kinds of exclusive craft, to ensure the balance of indoor water and temperature difference, giving floor the freedom of "breath" .
4、Authenticity of art:
With unique aesthetic taste and creative style, the essence of the historical civilization of the east and the west is refined and combined with wood texture to create a charming cultural floor.
5、Authenticity of service:
More commitments are given to customer on the quality, not only for wood floors ,but also for plywood. Customer can enjoy both the products and professional service.

Industrial chain advantages

From the development of forest resources, wood processing, plywood production, technology research and development, product design, finished product production to terminal sales and after-sales service, effectively the whole industry chain is intergrated. Ensured that the products from raw materials procurement, product design , processing to marketing are connected with each other, the quality is controllable, and the cost comes into reverse to be greatly reduced . Market oriented, this enterprise tends to develop into more bigger scale.